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For F&B Companies, Hyperlocal Influencer Marketing

BrandInfluencers works closely with the Indian food blogger community to provide mouth-watering reviews across platforms for a variety of businesses in the F&B industry.

For F&B Companies, Influencer Marketing Solutions

Instagram-based brand awareness

Use Instagram’s popular reels and stories to promote your business or restaurant.

YouTube Long-Form Product Reviews

Join forces with YouTube food vloggers and cookery KOLs to promote your product and spread the word about your restaurant.

Using UGC Videos to Engage

Cost-effective, hassle-free video material for your social media channels that is 10X less expensive than studio shootings.

The F&B industry's inherent challenges and overcome them

Use word-of-mouth to increase traffic

Eating is a personal matter for everyone. As a result, referrals are quite important in this profession. Through their content, food bloggers can generate a sizable number of visitors.

Face Up Against the Competition

In Tier 1-2 cities, there are more than 100 restaurants and quick-service eateries, offering a wide range of options but little space for distinctiveness. Arouse interest with compelling influencer content.

Influencers Can Help You Create Your Tribe

It might be challenging to stay up with constantly evolving customer needs. Use the influencer material to grow your fanbase and devoted audience.

Use influencer marketing to increase discovery

Word-of-mouth is the primary mechanism by which F&B brands are discovered, and the absence of focused advertising may result in severe losses because of high operational expenses. Saved by influencer marketing.

Providing Various F&B Brands


Fine-dining establishments

Use influencer material that properly represents the menu and atmosphere for the target demographic.


QSR and takeaways

We assist businesses in developing trustworthy campaigns that receive higher platform ratings and boost online sales.


Events to Launch a New Restaurant

generating awareness about new releases with our community of hyperlocal food bloggers.


Packaged food and beverages

For packaged consumables, watch product reviews and testimonial videos to boost conversions.

Let’s Influence Together!

Our successful influencer marketing programmes act as a spark for your online advertising.

Through our content, we can significantly lower the cost of customer acquisition while increasing user retention.

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