Boost your brand with Regional Influencers

Regional influencers are content producers that gain the support and trust of an audience in a specific region by producing material in that audience’s native tongue and accent. Because they provide worthwhile content that businesses may use to their advantage through brand association leverage strategy, these artists enjoy enormous popularity in their area.

Regional influencer marketing is becoming more popular in India, and we can help you develop tailored content using our extensive influencer network that is dispersed across the country. To produce effective advertising, we combine regional traditions with content.

Utilize Specialized Regional Content Formats


Amplify Product Discovery

With content-driven influencer marketing, you may broaden your customer base nationally and improve brand recognition in Tier 2 and Tier 3 locations.


Amplify Conversion Rates

Start innovative, content-driven influencer programmes to increase conversion rates for your social media presence


Growth in Engagement Rates

By targeting vernacular speakers, you may double interaction rates and raise brand awareness in certain Indian marketplaces.


The need for regional artists is growing just as quickly as the consumption of material in vernacular languages! These producers are carving out a niche for themselves in the influencer marketing sector as their reach and impact are now rising exponentially. The audience really trusts them, and they not only provide your brand’s material a human touch. These creators are your winning ticket, and the Brand Influencers team will develop a winning campaign for you since consumers only buy from the people they trust.

Your digital marketing is accelerated by our successful influencer marketing programmes. Through our content, we are able to significantly lower customer acquisition expenses and increase user retention.

Launch Your Regional Marketing Right Away!

Our successful influencer marketing programmes act as a spark for your online advertising.

Through our content, we can significantly lower the cost of customer acquisition while increasing user retention.

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    • How long does it take to prepare the content?

    Send a signed copy of the MoU to BrandInfluencers to begin working with them. Within 48 hours of receiving an enquiry, we may provide our suggested influencers. The final material will be completed in roughly 7-8 working days from the influencers’ confirmation at your end. Please provide that information in the timetable if the product has to be dispatched.

    • What if we want the material changed?

    We recognise how significant tone is to your brand and make every effort to preserve it. Therefore, we won’t begin making the video until you provide your approval for the screenplay and visual treatment document. You must approve the video’s draught before it can be made live.

    • How do we keep track of each influencer’s outcomes?

    You may provide each influencer with a special link or discount code, and they will add it to the description box and mention it in the video. This should allow you to keep track of clicks and conversions.